Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Depression

I don't meant to keep going on and on about my lost friend, but I guess, in a way, this is sort of obvious therapy for me. What would Bob Newhart think about all this......

Thoughts on the Cape Cod funeral trip:

I never met a better group of folks than the Bonfatti family. Honest! Jay's dad, upon reviewing his life and family, exclaimed to a few friends and I, "I must be the luckiest man alive!" This coming from a man that just lost a son. How selfless is that?

The weather in the Cape was wonderful and the hospitality gracious (with the exception of that mean waitress at the Irish pub). What a beautiful place to spend a summer I thought as someone remarked to me that this was the best weather they had out there all Summer.

The group of people that had traveled from Buffalo, a dozen or so, were treated like extended family as the real JB family often remarked how lucky Jay was to 'have us in his life'.... but the truth is we were lucky to have him in our lives. He was a true friend- loyal, thoughtful and pleasant to all-- I can see where those qualities came from- his family. The Bonfatti's expressed heartfelt love to us people of Buffalo, the people that made Jay 'a part of our lives'. The organized tribute, memorial, final hurrah-- or whatever you want to call it-- on Saturday will be great chance for the Buffalo folks, that couldn't make the trip, to experience what I have by meeting Jay's family in person (brothers, sister, mom and dad). Many of them will be in attendance at the Tap Room and they are greatly looking forward to meeting you all (which they had told be plenty of times).

The road-trip itself was exceptional for me as I traveled with 2 of my good friends (and a 3rd on the way back) that I don't get to spend enough time with these days. Dave and Cappy and Brad are great traveling companions-- funny, warm and genuine wonderful individuals. We laughed about Jay, our experiences with the big guy and reminisced about him and the things he does and says ("Awwwwww shucks," "Show me some love," "You know what they say about opinions, don't you, Mark...." and many more).

So after too much sadness mixed with joy, lots of driving (8 plus hours both way), bad road food, listening to a lot of Wilco & Uncle Tupelo, great seafood, awesome NYS Thruway FREE wireless, drinking, laughing, referring to each other with stupid nicknames, quoting the Big Lebowski (Donnie, shut the......) and barely sleeping it was good to be home. I missed all the girls and feel like I haven't worked in weeks.

I hope to see whoever knows Jay-- and had a love for JayBo-- to come on out Saturday afternoon to meet the truly exception Bonfatti family and share your feelings with other lovers of JB.

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Bookers Realm said...

I am very sad to hear that we have lost one of our brothers. Jay was one of those types of people you hear about, and if lucky, have the chance of befriending. I can't recall seeing him without a smile on his face, not sure he had any other expressions.

I'm glad to see he was surrounded by those he met, knew and loved, he will be missed.