Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Better Tomorrow

Thirty-Six more deadly Chambers, to take you through. - Wu-Tang Clan

What I always liked about the Wu-Tang Clan was the sort of Godfatheresque quality to the music ("I'm gonna chop off your arm, are you ready?..."). I have been listening to Wu-Tang Forever (disk 1) continuously for the last few hours and it had reminded me of a job I used to have where we (the design dept.) would listen to the same CDs over and over again, sometimes 5-6 times in the same day. Everyone got to add CDs to the 100 CD player, but for some reason we often listened to the same few CDs over and over. Usually it was the really weird ones- french punk rock and french hip hop, special kids singing for charity, and more.

And that was planned! I am always amazed as to why-- when the iPod is on shufflle -- it seems to always play the same songs, cuts from Mike Jackson's Off The Wall and the all Clash songs? I am not complaining, I like Mick and old Mike. But I mean there are hundreds and hundreds of songs on that little thing. The randomness of the shuffle isn't quite so random as they say it is. Can't trust that computer chip to actual randomize, I mean is there such a thing? With a computer it is either '1' or '0', 'on' or 'off', 'black' or 'white'... you can't change that. A machine can't just guess.... can it?

As we move into the Fall, the business keeps on chuggin' along, we had the nice Biz 1st article. A lot of things that have been hanging around all summer and they are finally going to happen. We are trying to move beyond the sadness that the end of summer with the death of a dear friend has brought. Two of my good friends lost their fathers this summer as well, one in the beginning and one just last weekend. It has been a weird summer for sure so the prospect of Fall (2 weeks away only) is swell, and quite promising for sure. This summer proved once again that life, unlike these damn computers really is random.

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Jason Gusmann said...

number one: wu tang forever is completely underrated. it is, in fact, the sandanista of rap. number two: i only have one boredoms album in my ipod, but everytime i shuffle songs, a boredoms song will play, every single time. oh, it will play.