Thursday, September 25, 2008

Check Your Head

hang 'em if you got 'em!

In an effort to tidy up the stacks and piles of graphic melee in my office, I decided to throw a few posters up over my desk area. Off the pile, on the wall... spruce up my corner a bit.

So first I put up some of the Strummerville posters... well, then I had to make sure they were all up there. Then I had an Americanarama poster, the horizontal flag one, so I put that up. Well then, I thought, maybe the rest of the Americanarama posters had to go up as well-- except the 1st one, not so hot... and I never really cared too much for the last one, the brown horizontal one with the Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk Flight on it. It was some Wilbur and Orville anniversary year, don't ask me.... toss in a few Deja Blu posters and we got something here.

They look better on the wall than in the pile.

Overall poster thoughts....

  • Vertical posters are better that horizontal posters
  • Lots of red, red rocks better than green (hey, they are rock posters)
  • Lots of stars (hey, I said they were rock posters!), more stars ! ! !
  • Even 72 dpi photos pilfered off the web work sometimes- a little distortion, some photoshop filters, make 'em bitmap and BAM! you got your self a poster graphic.
  • James Brown is still dead
  • Makin' rock posters is one of my favorite things to do... it's never paid really well, but it's fun!
BONUS BEATS- Good Lookin' Out Weekend event 4 ya-- My buddy Edreys brings The Art of Hip Hop 3 Friday at the AKAG! Gotta see ya there! Break dancing, beat mixing, hip hoppin' and all that good stuff- click here for more!

BONUS BEATS (part two)- Edreys video clip old skool style

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