Monday, September 22, 2008

Talent Show

Visions of hockey pucks dance in my head....

It is Monday and the anticipation of the 1st pre-season hockey game is upon us. Tonight veterans and rookies take the ice in Toronto as the Sabres warm up for the season (which officially starts on Friday October 10th). Ah, Fall is in the air and hockey season is here kids. It seems like a longer wait for this day that usual, but the Sabs missing the playoffs just lengthened the time from the end of the last season and the start of this one.

The family and I went down to Puck Drop 2008 where the team kicked off the season with a bang! The veterans scrimmaged, a band played outside, and the kids got to ride a giant inflatable slide. Being in the arena was pure joy! The fans were excited as we entered and felt the cold of the rink as we got off the escalator. I love that feeling! The scrimmage was enthusiastic as blue played yellow (blue won 7-2) with veterans and rookies mingling amongst each other.

The Sabs also previewed the 'new/old' 3rd jersey which combines the old logo with new colors and some extra pinstripes. I don't really like all the extra lines or the white under their arms. J. mentioned that the white under the arms makes them look thinner like they have a cinched waist. "Shouldn't they look bigger like bears," she inquired. I like the retro tie at the top and I am sure they will sell a million more jerseys again. The kids love new things!

We saw Max score a goal, lets hope that isn't one of his few for the season, eh? They should have dumped that guy and moved on!

Check Buff News photo Mark Mulville's slideshow from the event, click here.


jill said...

look- I like colors, the logo, the stripes on the arm- all I'm saying is when confronted by a bear, you want to look as large as possible to intimidate him/ them.

Besides, everyone knows horizontal stripes make you appear wider, vertical stripes make you look thinner and curves, well, curves give you that feminine, hourglass shape.

I would suggest diagonal stipes to help them look fast.
Or perhaps pearls and a purse to complete the ensemble...

mark said... in "throw down your purse and skate!" a famous hockey heckle...

jill said...

Hmmm, who would have thought that I would end my self imposed blogging silence with a taunt?

Let's see- of the many issues I could have weighed in on- the passing of a dear friend, the obstacles encountered in running a small business, the presidential race, Buffalo and its pros and cons...I choose to talk smack. [sigh]