Saturday, January 3, 2009

1999, Gonna Party Like It's

Why 2009 is already better than 2008:

12) I have discovered weird old country music on AM 1300.
11) I got to see the Wilco episode of Austin City Limits last night (very good).
10) My basement is not flooded.
09) My car radiator is new.
08) The Sabres are 1-0 for 2009.
07) No friends have died yet.
06) The sun is shining today.
05) The Christmas music has stopped.
04) All my reading, so far, has been Clash-oriented.
03) I can stop watering the Xmas tree twice a day.
02) I have goals!
01) My beard is better.

My friend Paul (aka John Paul Jones) who just moved to Atlanta was sufficiently inspired to produce his own "Why 2009 is Better..." list, I thought I would share:

I wish I could see the 'non rock hair' Paul!

BB2- Make that SABRES 2-0,
after beating the Bruins, breaking the Killer B's 10 game winning streak, 14 game home wining streak!


Dan Wangelin said...

the old country on AM 1300 is awesome!

Jason Gusmann said...

okay, i am going to put my radio on 1300 right now. why didn't anyone else tell me about this before? is this literally a 2009 thing?

mark said...

I have found it to be hit or miss, I think later at night they play better stuff. I had it on during the day last week and it wasn't that good, but I had it on last night and it was cool. So if it sucks today, try it again later.

Jason Gusmann said...

point taken, pal. i put it on and heard "galveston" by glenn campbell and "satisfied mind" by porter waggoner, but i also had to sit thru 2 travis tritt songs. i'll just have it ready for when my shitty ipod runs out of power AGAIN.