Monday, January 5, 2009

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Design in 2009

This year will bring us the release of Objectified, the new design film by Gary Huswit the man behind the wonderful Helvetica. The trailer is up now so you can get a little preview of the new flick. It is a feature-length independent documentary about industrial design and a look at the creative world behind conceptualizing, designing, developing and building 'things"-- everything from toothbrushes to automobiles. It's about the people that make things- think about them, research them and really study, study, study as they are designing every detail and nuance about products. You think you have everything you need in this modern world?!? but right not someone is examining all the things you are using with plans to make them better.

The just posted trailer will give you a sneak peak into the upcoming flick. If it is anything like Helvetica, then it should be super-- Objectified- Trailer, click me to watch.

Font Off!
... and speaking of Helvetica
, PBS is having the US television debut of this movie and is showing it this week as part of the Independent Lens series! They have launched a mini-site, and the local affiliate, WNED is showing it Sunday night (Jan. 11th) at 11:00 PM. What a time slot, eh? I am guessing there are predicating giant ratings with this time slot. Here are the details on the PBS showing. All public TV mocking aside, it's a good documentary so watch it if you haven't seen it. Fonts rule!

Bonus Beats:
Take the PBS mini-site What Font Are You Test (I am ___________).

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