Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire For The People

A little positive reinforcement for myself & ya'all-->

While I try and remain solid and positive for this new 2009 the man keeps pushing back on me-- but I am not going to let it stop me!

The last year ended with the basement flood, the expensive radiator replacement on the car all wrapped up in tough economical times. But I try to remain upbeat and push through... A lot of business are cutting back on their marketing, but we have some new prospects... The back of the car window exploded Sat. night, but our auto insurance had full glass coverage... The Maceo Parker CD I picked up from the Crane Library was all-jazzy and not funky (boooooo), but the other CD I picked up 'Bayani', by west coast asian-american hip hoppers Blue Scholars is awesome.

So while I am being forced to take a step back, I will keep pushing to take two leaps forward. It is a new year and I will be a year wiszer, the business will be another year stronger and we will stay on top. Yeah- 2009 is the year of the ox!

NOTE: The above photo is what was left of the back window. To prove my point, the OW logo sticker was the only thing left after the window shattered!

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pharaoh said...

I want to check that Blue Scholars CD out if I may. Sounds cool. Sorry about the Maceo and the window.