Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

I recently discovered JAMSBIO, an online magazine which has taken a new angle on record reviews by reviewing records from the past. Often set up as various cool lists such as "10 Songs That Make Me Cry," "26 Songs About Butts," "Best Lyrics by Jim Morrison" and "Most Under Appreciated Beatles Songs." They have even ranked every Beatles songs from worst to best in another list!

The list that I really liked defends the sophomore slump theory with: Second Coming, 25 Great Sophomore Records and includes these greats:

  • Fun House, The Stooges
  • This Year's Model by Elvis Costello
  • Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order
  • Meat is Murder by The Smiths
  • It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, by Public Enemy
  • Paul's Boutique, by The Beastie Boys
I would agree with most on the list. The last two I mentioned above are indisputable as better than the albums they followed. Even though The Beastie's License to Ill was a huge sellers and introduced the world to the boys, Paul's is a classic and gets better with age. It has been called the Sgt. Pepper's of hip hop!

JAMSBIO also will take a single LP and review each and every song. They did this with one on my favorite LPS, Anodyne by Uncle Tupelo. They also did a full write up on Jimi Hendrix's Electricladyland LP. This mag is a must read for all you music heads out there.

They do review some new things and gave a relly thrashing to the new G-n-R CD (Extra! Extra! White Guy With Cornrows Releases an Album)... Check it out...

Second Coming, 25 Great Sophomore Records:

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