Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out

Our John Weitz Zephyr

What I dislike about Facebook- is the same thing I like about it. The shortness of statements. Most posts run about one line and in this twittered, attention deficit-ed world we live in, it makes a lot of sense.

I like to ramble on, as anyone who reads this here blog will tell you. What is worse that this- is if you read the liner notes I have been including on the last few mix CDs I have made.. oh boy-- they are usually 2-panels of one run-on sentence. I used to sit and type (at a typewriter) long paragraphs of nonsense and I called this 'writing.' Sometimes the very same thing needs to be said with way-too-many words as you can say with just a few.

I found this great ad the other day for local 'store for men' the wm. henger co. located in downtown, Amherst and the Seneca Mall. Illustrated with a typical for the era 'dept. store line art' this coat was designed by men, for men. Yeah! Comes in 2 colors: Rum Gold and Cognac. Sounds good, eh men..?

I can respect the white space of this ad- it is actually a light screen boxed in and cut by the logo bar. I am also a fan of the watercolor swash behind the coat to add some dimension to the flat art. The man's furrowed brow, sensitive look with a neat haircut, and just the little hint of plaid slacks- this man owns the Zephyr!

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Anonymous said...

A great deal at $45 clams --- NOW! WITH! ZIPPER! PATCH! POCKETS! Vroom --- wear the Zeypher ---

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