Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All The Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)

The past in the past until you burn it to CD or something like that....

It is a test in 'drifting-off-idness', trying to burn records to CD. You gotta pay attention. You don't always want to just stand there while it is burning. You have to track each song by pushing the red REC button or else you have one long 'track 1' on your CD. So inevitability, I usually do something else while it is happening: often paperwork, writing proposals, business emails, but not usually designing. When I am deep in design, the CD or record will always end and then 1 hour later, I'll notice... so I have to just do busy work. It's better for us all.

All of a sudden, you have to jump up for the end of one/ beginning of the next song to 'track' that space. Not a big deal, but when you are distracted, you forget and have to leap over to the CD burner. Missing the track- hitting the button after the song started = not good.

Miss-tracking is not the end of the world, but it does make the CD crappy when you are in a situation when you just want to play that one song. If you just pop the CD in and let it play all the way through, then you are good to go.... but for us DJ-types-- no good!

So then I got greedy, I tried to squeeze 2 albums onto a single CD. It was going to be the Super 70's NYC Punk Legends CDs with Robert Mapplethorpe Cover Photos CD:
Patti Smith Horses - Television Marquee Moon
What even made it all the better-- was the fact that Patti and Tom Verlaine from TV had been an item back in the day! It was the perfect double-burn CD- punk girlfriend-boyfriend CD.

... and then I didn't find out-- until the middle of the second last song (the long guitaraastic Prove It!)-- that it wasn't going to fit. Damn! So then I had to decide whether to live with it or throw it out and start again burning two single albums to their own CDs. I was a bit disgusted so I decided to chuck it and burn the Clash 2nd LP Give Them Enough Rope LP instead. And, for all you authorities out there, this is "for personal consumption only."

Shit I had to just jump up, there are a lot of short songs on this LP! Now what a value, I just made a new favorite Clash song: Guns On The Roof, and what about Last Gang In Town, now there's a song. They don't make them like that anymore.... Oh, and I just missed the start of Safe European Home, by a few seconds, damn!

I'm still keeping it.

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