Friday, April 27, 2007

And Your Bird Can Sing

This is one of those rare days and it falls on a Friday. All the comps and working designs have been presented to the clients and the ball is in their court. We could get ahead on an upcoming project or work on something fun perhaps... After all we are in the creative business- it should all be fun, right?

We shall call this Creative Friday-- we can work on on our own projects, i.e. all the things we can't get too when we are buried under paying projects, deadlines, proposal writing, book keeping, etc.

I was pretty productive last night, but we have the whole team here today so we can review what has been started and build on it. Jill is really good at looking at my raw designs and reigning them in- fine tuning them. Making them work. Today will be for research and sketching, brainstorming. And it's Friday, no one wants to work to hard on Friday. Its been a long week and we got playoff hockey tonight!!

BONUS BEATS: Paul Westerberg's Dyslexic Heart- acoustic version.
This is a "Singles" outtake. Quality is so-so, but get it while it still is posted!
This is a really good Friday song- oh yeah.

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