Thursday, April 5, 2007

No{t} fade away...please.

Who were the ad wizards behind this one?

Has anyone seen the latest from Revlon haircolor?

[Click on the Glamour 30sec spot ad]

It features backup singer Sheryl Crow,
[I don't care what you say, she sings like a backup singer,
her singing makes my ears hurt.]
with a voiceover of an older man talks about how great her hair is?

"a real woman, with real glamour and really cool hair..."

Yeah, I am sure that had I scratched and clawed [screeched and cawed]
my way to the top- past women who were better singers than myself -
I would want to be known for my hair.

And I am sure every woman out there who watches a successful woman on screen is really thinking, 'Wow, she's got great hair.'

I haven't heard crap like this since I watched Charlies Angels as a young girl.

Note to AdWizard: This is NOT what your client means when they say they want to market to today's woman.

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