Thursday, April 26, 2007

Living in Fame: The Email Interviews (part 6)

Here is the 6th of several quick email interviews with Buffalo designers, artists, photogs and the like. There are a lot of talented creative types in the Queen City- let us see what is in their heads-- topics include BFLO, design and their inspirations.

My sixth responder is Chris White, a local designer who works under the name GeekWarriors.

Name: Chris White

Age: 36

Occupation: Internet Guy and Design Whore

Company: GeekWarriors, LLC

Design Education (if any): Much credit to some great art teachers (and none to a few not so great) throughout my life. Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Some internships. The daily grind.

I decided to become a designer because....?
I suck pretty hard at math, so that automatically ruled out a whole bunch of stuff. That, and I've always liked design and being creative in one way or another. Seemed like the best way to make a creative living since I missed the Rockstar boat.

Designing in Buffalo is....?
Probably similar to most other places in many ways and not in others.

I find inspiration in....?
Just about everything... well, that I see and hear at least... not so sure about smell... though that sometimes inspires me to eat.

My favorite design(er) is ..... ?
Anyone that makes the world easier on the eyes. But if I had to pick just one person, it would probably be Saul Bass.

Right now (I mean RIGHT NOW!) I am listening to...?
Helpline Operator - The The

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